On the 68th O.D.

My head is filled with many stupid things it feels heavy. Usual office stuffs. Only today there are some problems that can make my day(s ahead) worse if I choose to make a fuss about it. Glad that some people are so kind like directly texted encouragement to me, giving advice that this is something we can learn about: not to act the same way when we are in that position.

All this makes me think about one thing again. I just figured it out yesterday or this morning. It’s important to have friends, things, and activities that you love and make you happy. It’s helpful to think about nice things like green tarik tea (yes, green-tarik-tea!), experimenting with praline making in weekends, crochet pictures, and kind invitation to “come and visit Hokkaido someday!” when some people say rude things to you.

Yes, I am irritated. Yes, I am a bit, or not a bit, angry. Yes, it makes me feel some kind of hatred toward some person.. It’s just I’m not going to let it bring me down.

Another good thing? It makes me write again here 🙂 So, who’s the winner now?

And thanks for the fritters, whoever brought it here for us all. Happy Oeang Day!


Small Things Around Me: My Office

Ohayo!! ^^

What a nice morning, 06.45 and I’m already in my office. I wonder how I could get here so early, it’s something that happens once in a month or so 🙂

Rite then, since I don’t know what else am I going to write, I will only list things that I love and loath here in my office.

I hate:

1. the facs : because it keeps on ringing and ringing and when you pick it up, no one answers, and you’ll hear this long, high pitch beep that makes your ear ache. And in times when someone answers your hello, they usually ask some insensible questions or they get mad at you. Drives me crazy.

2. envelops with lots and lots staples on it. Because they hurt my fingers 😦

3. ccs and bccs. sometimes I think, such unimportant things! 😳 Soalnya banyak banget. And when I say a lot, it means hundred.

4. the air conditioner. Like now, it’s OFF. And when it’s on, oh God I hate the loud sound it gives off.

5. I don’t know what else 😆

I love:

1. my speaker: it has been a good friend of mine since college. I just love it, and people always say it’s a good one 😀

2. my hp monitor: have I said that deep in my heart I always want to have a desktop on my own? Well, so far I always get notebook. Not that I complain, but I do intend to have one someday. I just like their durability.

3. the white phone: because I love babbling on the phone? Yes, and because people who calls that number are they who know me. It’s just… more kind to me than the other external phone/facs that I loathe 😦

4. my blue stapler, on which I put the name bee mahidin 😆 It’s petite and never gives me trouble like other stapler that I know. By the way, in our office, a stapler is so important you’ll die if you don’t have any. That’s what Dian said. Seriously. I agree with her 🙂

5. small pink, orange, yellow post it: can be use as ‘sign here’ sign, but I often write some to do lists on them, and put that, vertically, on the sides of my monitor (I got the idea from a manga, and believe me, it looks cuter when you put them that way, not horizontally.)

What about you? What things you hate and love in your office?