So, you drive? Read on.

Which HP Kid Are You?

Hehe, padahal dulu Harry Potter. Personality test emang kadang hasilnya berubah-ubah sesuai mood πŸ˜›

Everything looked beautiful this morning. But I saw something very sad. MS is strongly avised to stop reading this or she’ll end up feeling nauseous after that. I mean it. Really, really mean it.

Well, near Gelora Senayan Shelter, I saw a dog just laying on the highway, dead. Obviously it was hit by a car, or maybe something worse, a bus. It is sad because here, dog isn’t supposed to be running around just like cats. They’re supposed to stay at home, behind the fence with locked gate, and safe. Or sniffing at a murderer’s clothes and try to find him. So, the dog (it was big, a size of golden retriever I guess, and has beautiful light-brown fur, and supposedly kind face 😦 ) must’ve ran away from its house and somehow found itself in the middle of the crazy traffic of Jalan Sudirman. It must’ve been so confused to see whatever-those-colorful-boxes passing by so quickly (Are dogs colorblind?). And… I don’t want to imagine what else had been on his mind before the damn accident happened.

What makes me annoyed is the fact that someone who has hit the poor dog didn’t even bother to moved its body from the highway. What do they expect? That it will eventually be a part of the asphalt, like what happen to those poor smaller animals hit by cars on the street? But hey, a dog is not a small frog or rat! It was good enough that there was no blood around it, but what if another car run over it?

Even if they have to wash their hands seven times after touching its body, I think that is the thing they have to do. It is the thing we all have to do. Moving the body and bury it, I mean. We have to be responsible for what we have done, right? And it’s not the dog’s fault to be a dog. I mean, we’re talking about a dog, in the middle of Jalan Sudirman. It’s not a place where dogs are usually seen. Kijang, Kuda, Panther, yes, but dog, hell, no. Alright, maybe it was the owner’s fault to let his pet run away from home. But still… Hit it and just left it there on the street…

Some thoughts did crossed my mind. What if the driver was in a rush because he, or she, was taking someone to the hospital. Or was going to take an examination that will change his/her life forever. What if it had been me (no, hopefully not!)? Well, there’s always way to solve this problem. Get some help. Come on, leaving it laying there is the last choice we can make.

Rite then, gotta back to work. The last words I wanna say, though I’m never behind any wheel, is… Drive safe, everyone. Especially when you don’t want to have to move and bury an animal’s dead body that you have hit on your way to Oxford’s entrance examination or something like that.

Have a nice day, sorry for the sad story. πŸ™‚

P.S. Saya lupa bentuk past dari lie dan lay.. Help needed, please? (terlalu malas membuka kamus πŸ˜› )


27 thoughts on “So, you drive? Read on.

  1. flowflow says:

    kata om wiki nih ye :

    Like most mammals, dogs are dichromats and have color vision equivalent to red-green color blindness in humans

    iya ati ati kalo nyetir. apalagi kalo malam hari. ati ati juga kalo punya piaraan, apapun itu. dijaga baik baik deh..

  2. ellesaura says:


    sorry you had to see that, dahlin…
    poor mutt.. i dont know what was on the driver’s mind..
    he should be sorry for having done that. that’s really cruel.

  3. tadi udah berkacakaca, tapi begitu baca
    Kijang, Kuda, Panther, yes, but dog, hell, no

    pengen ngekek!!!

    kenapa harus anjing? mana anjing bagus pula. mending wat saya saja.

    i wish i had a dog 😦

  4. @ flowflow: Ah, thanks so much for the information πŸ˜€

    @ pinkanabiz: Jadi inget Gilmore Girls lagi πŸ˜† If that school won’t accept me, then Yale is fine *ditimpuks* πŸ˜›
    Hey did you watch the episode where Rory entered her room and found out that her room’s theme was already changed from Harvard into Yale?

    Anybody here watched that episode?

    @ ellesaura: Thanks for the grammaire πŸ˜›
    You read it all? I told u not to..

    @ dyra:
    πŸ˜€ ..
    Yeah, sometimes I wish I had a dog too…
    The one who looks like a wolf would be perfect πŸ˜‰

    @ Msr Arief:
    Yeah, poor sweet little thing..

  5. mungkin anjing itu lagi ngejar kucing…
    ah, komenku kok tanpa empati gini ya.. maaf. aku masih shock, smalam aku liat kucing (hidup) tanpa ekor. dan ada bekas potongan di bagian yang seharusnya ada ekor.
    T_T sadis! kok tega…

  6. O_o

    *jaw drops*

    Uff.. saya juga speechless ini. Tega banget ya 😦

    *mendoakan kucing itu supaya jadi kucing yang gendut, berkecukupan, punya majikan yang baik, etc. etc…*

    Eh jadi inget, mana Diah, foto kucing Yakuza yang kemaren πŸ˜€ ?

  7. m.s. says:

    aah.. komen yang barusan diketik kok ilang..internet ga jelas!

    diah, aku ikut ke panti jomponya… πŸ˜›

    bee, i read’em, couldn’t help it (the way reversed psychology works), but i didn’t read all of them, if you know what i mean πŸ˜‰

    and bee, you do own a dog/wolf! bet you haven’t fed him. poor virtual pet.

    oh, diah, again, don’t go uploading those ‘ehem-ehem’ pics on ****** ya? πŸ˜‰
    send me the Ganjirou-sama pic, ASAP! *seenaknya menamai kucing orang nih*

    mdh2n ga ilang lg ni komen pas di soumettre…*sok mudheng boso prancis)

  8. m.s. says: penting sih, tapi jd inget kalo kucing punya ruas tulang belakang lebih banyak dari manusia, makanya mereka lebih fleksibel..kalau dipotong..apa kayak orang yang ga punya appendix ya? hmm…tapi banyak kucing berekor pendek-bahkan tanpa ekor- yg fine-fine aja tu..

    dulu kayaknya tetangga sebelah rumah pernah nge-jaitin ekor kucingnya yg kelindes ban mobil n bisa disambung lagi, bener ga bee?

  9. 😦 I want a real dog!!

    The one who doesn’t bite and doesn’t make me have to wash my hand seven times (nggak ada ya.. )

    Poor virtual pet πŸ˜€ *blame the server*

    Oh there’s such story? I only know the one where Grams *Jen mode: on* helped a duck who had been shot. In some kind of magical way, i.e. sew the duck’s stomach, put a leaf on the stomach, poured some water on it and prayed for the duck’s recovery. And the duck made it πŸ˜€ What a lucky duck!

    (Was that a duck?)

  10. hyaaa… i want a real dog too 😦

    not like nathan, lucas or mark. they’re fierce, haha

    anjing yang ga gigit ya? ada kok. namanya miki, kita panggil dia anjing banci, hehe

    diah… aku ikut ke panti jompo juga. foto yang kujanjikan lupa trus 😦

  11. m.s. says:

    sisterhood lho bee..sisterhood! tp gpp jg kali ya, toh holy jg ngiranya flo itu cewek.. flo..sounds so cute and girlish, hihihi..

    *mengaktifkan force field, biar sambitan sendal jepitnya ga kena*

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