Between me, Andis, and Mrs Zakiah

Today was one of those not-so-rare days where I had to work on my own. But that’s not the point. What I wanna write here is something that rarely happens, something that reminds you that this life is a beautiful picture made of thousand pieces of miracles.. And when you find one of those pieces, you’ll just be amazed of how God has arranged everything so amazingly.

Imagine. A girl was in the middle of a kitchen, mopping the floor, piles of dirty plates, goblets and everything were around her… No, no, of course not, lolz 😀 I was busy with letters when suddenly someone knocked the door. A woman and a young man stood there.

“Can I help you, Ma’am?” I asked, rising from my chair.

“Uhm… I need to consult something about ex-Chinese asset. Is this the office?”

Oh! That’s my favorite!

“Yes,Ma’am, this is the office. But I’m afraid you can’t consult the matter today because everybody’s in a meeting in Bogor now. “

Bien sur, they looked disappointed.

“Could you tell me which asset that you want to ask about, Ma’am?” I asked again. Just trying to start a conversation.

“Belitong Timur…”

Eh?? Pardon?? *telinga rubah, eh, serigalanya langsung tegak*

“Belitong Timur… But where exactly?” I continued asking. Just to make sure. Who knows, who knows…

“Belitong Timur is a new autonom region, Miss. It lies between….…”

Alright, Maam, sorry. But that one, I already know. What I want to know is something more.. well…something beyond that! Far beyond that!

“Uhm.. Maybe there’s someone we can ask about it. Please follow me. This way, Ma’am.”

In the corridor…

“Belitong Timur…” I said softly, slowly, thinking how to put things in my mind into good sentences.

“Belitong Timur is a new autonom region. Bangka-Belitong…” she explained again to me patiently.

“Andrea Hirata,” I blurted out the only phrase in my mind that could explain everything in the simplest way.

“Aaah, yaa, Laskar Pelangi,” she smiled. Me too. Because finally we spoke in the same language. The magic words really had its magic. “Fans-nya Andis, ya?”

I just smiled calmly (well, as calmly as I could in this situation, hahaha) to this sentence, not wanting to give wrong impression of a crazy fan. But I did notice how she had called Hirata ssi. Andis. Oke, keanehan pertama.

What happened next wasn’t really interesting. No one was in the room (of course luh~ ) and no one could give explanation about ex-chinese assets, and I was busy cursing myself because I didn’t know anything important about something I was really interested in. But not all of it were my fault, right? Still, I regret my limited knowledge about it..

“Miss, actually what we really need now is the Petunjuk Teknis Penyelesaian. I suppose it’s in a Surat Edaran year 1983?”

“I’m sorry Maam, I don’t have the SE with me.. It belongs to the ex-Chinese department. Uhm… Is it okay if we fax it over to you when we’ve got the SE?”

“That’d be great! But when can we get it? Tomorrow? Next Monday?”

“As soon as they come back, I will ask for the SE and send it,” I assured them.

“Okay. Here’s the number, then,” she smiled, giving me the numbers of her office’s facs and telephone.

“Right, then, to whom should the SE be addressed, Ma’am?”

“Just send it to me.”

“And your name is…?”

“Mrs F… Zakiah.”

I couldn’t refrain myself from snorting. Of all the Melayu names, why this name? But thank God she was okay with that, because we exchanged friendly smile afterward. (“I’m Chang’e. And this is my number. You can also call these other numbers to arrange a meeting with Mrs Maya or Mr Arief…”)

“Thank you so much, Miss, for everything,” she said when we said goodbye.

“No, no, it’s okay… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with anything, Ma’am,” I replied, feeling guilty a little bit.

“No, you’re really helpful, we know you’re so busy…”

I couldn’t say anything but smile… She was just so kind..

“Right then, good bye.”


“Do visit Belitong Timur someday,” she said, smiling, as they walked out the door.

Still with a smile on my face, I replied cheerfully, “Yeah, sure. Surely Ma’am, I will. Hopefully. Insya Allah 🙂 “

Well… Turns out that I am still that in love with that dazzling, lovely world ^^

Monsieur, je ne vous oublie pas.


13 thoughts on “Between me, Andis, and Mrs Zakiah

  1. waaaaaa…

    what a coincidence!!!
    but there’s no coincidence, so let’s say it’s a fate 🙂

    God, cant stop laughing!! 😀 help help, we need help here.

    so, how’s the ‘obsessibity’?


  2. @ udin:
    Ayo!! Kapan? Put that on the list ya! Dan harus mau meskipun acara ibu-ibu *iya kan Dyra 😉 ?* Eh, bukan ibu-ibu dong, tepatnya ‘girls day out’ 😀

    @ dyra:
    The obsessibity??
    It won’t go awaaay.. *merana*

    Help needed here too… *memutar-mutar teleponnya Perconte. Easy white, Easy white… We need help here..!!* *halah* :mrgreen:

    😀 thank u, dyra

  3. m.s says:

    ikut..ikut.. (meskipun ga tau mo ngapain d sana) 😀

    tp dulu, wkt chang’e lg gila2nya sm si kawul itu, mlh aku yg mimpi terbang (as in clark kent’s definition of flying) di atas kepulauan bangkabelitong itu(versi mimpiku, tentu saja)
    pdhl tau dmna aj ngga.. ^^;

    so, the moral of the story is, obsesibididdity atau ntah apa itu, is contagious, in many ways (at least it could creep into someone’s subconscious mind although she’s definitely not a fan, up until now).

    but still, bee, n especially holy, the guy’s a rival to t.s
    mm,, aku byk pake inisial y, tyt.. 🙂

  4. @ flo & m.s.:

    😀 wah, bakalan rame nih kaya’nya

    Ayo, ayo.. Kapan, ya? *bingung*

    Hihi, di sana bisa… ke Pasar Ikan! *ditimpuk m.s.*

    No, no, it’s not contagious, it’s just ‘I can be very persuasive sometimes! :mrgreen:

    *kabur sebelum dicubit-cubit ms*

  5. dinagembul says:

    loh??? tenanan arep ning beloting, eh, belitong tah?????

    @chang’e : oo…. jadi ini to yang namanya… *langsung dibekep pake bantal sama chang’e*

    *berhasil membebaskan diri, rambut udah awut2an* …..obsesi kompulsif…… ( hosh….hosh….)

  6. @ rhee chan: ^^ mungkin nggak ya? Thanks for the prayer 🙂 Kalau kami betul bisa ke Belitong nanti, rhee chan udah jauh banget ya…

    @ heri ssi: Siap!! 😀

    @ dina:
    Apaan sih Dina ^^; ?? Bukannya obsesif kompulsifku sudah sembuh… *kalem*

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