Four Days.

Use this picture.

Found it. The reason for my smile. Membuka-buka situs itu tanpa sepenuhnya mengerti apa yang tertulis di sana. Very, very happy.

Feeling so sad. The first thing to do when arrived at home was trying to find prospectuses from UK Education Exhibition. So glad to find a segment of Southern area and a page about the place where he probably lives. And a probable reason why he chose that city. Feeling so tired, dozed off still holding the magazine with that page open.

Feeling weary. For what reason?? Sighed so often.
Taking different route to go home (crazy, I don’t think I wanna do it again), met four beautiful old ladies who spoke with each other in Chinese. Reminded me so much of the Ya-Yas. Guys, we’ve got to be like that, so warm and friendly and look good even we’re already gray and old, okay? Ah, suddenly I feel so high spirited 😀
Oh yea, btw I had a conspiracy with a lady in Harmoni Shelter. A lady was standing at the platform. There was an empty bus in the third row, and the officer told us to jump inside the bus in front of her. But she pretended not to hear him, and she whispered to me, “Don’t listen to that, Miss, we’ve got the right to have a seat. There’s an empty bus, why not taking that one?” Of course I agree!! Sometimes there’s no use listening to those officers, you know *smile mischievously* I felt like I was living in those pages of the Ya-yas in Bloom and she was Vivi or Genevieve Whitman 😀 .

It was a lot more draining than working overtime in my office, the journey back home. But somehow I still got the energy to clean up my room and pick my favorite pictures from magazines and put them on my styrofoam. And the night was rather peaceful, with the soft scent of roses and me, looking at my colorful styrofoam before I finally close my eyes and sleep.

A mess!! On the verge of tears. But all I can say is.. I really like Mark Darcy’s character. That’s all.
But sometimes, some simple things can wipe away the weariness, just like what the wind does to rain clouds. Well, rain cloudsnya masih tersisa sedikit, but thank You Allah, am feeling much, much better now. Just like what holydee always says, “I won’t worry my life away.. “


14 thoughts on “Four Days.

  1. flowflow says:

    ho’oh nyenengin bacanya…
    dan yang terpenting adalah… besok jumat!!

    eh iya, bonita, itu namamu kah?
    hehehe baru ngeh…
    kek nama penyiar TVRI…

  2. @ diah:
    oh how I love knowing you love my writing, dee
    thank you for reading and loving my writing ^^

    @ eva:
    hari-hari yang kita lalui tuh memang warnawarni ya mbak 🙂
    have a great weekend, too, dear sis…

    @ flowflow:
    Thank you, Flo..
    Yeah, I feeling like shouting out loud, “Thank God it’s Friday!!” *padahal baru kmaren saya bilang “I hate Friday.” 😆 *

    Bonita? Nggak kok, nama saya Chang’e *smile innocently*
    Bukan kaya VJ MTV yah? Donita Rose? *halah, maunya.. 😆 *

  3. pengen ketemu dirimu euy, boleh tak?

    *sambil liriklirik jeng diah, sapa tau dirinya berkenan mempertemukan*


    *sambil liriklirik flowflow, sapa tau dirinya ikudan pengen ketemu juga*


  4. Mb. Eva:
    Surely!! 😀

    Jadi dia beneran jadi potong rambut? Pasti ngikutin model tokoh komik favoritnya tuh…
    Dah liat blogmu, fit the purplish tone, cantik banget.
    I like the line: Go the way your heart desires.

  5. Dyra:
    :”> thank you..
    ah dyra mujinya selangit..
    reminds you of.. me?? emang saya se-chinese itu ya mbak? hehehehe 🙂

    You’re a life proof that cowok itu lebih bisa memahami bahasa yang straight forward ^^ hehehe

    Hayuk, kita ketemuan rame-rame di mana, gitu? ^^

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