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This evening, my sister and I went to a place. We wanted to do something together but we had to split because something out of our plan had happened. My sister went on with her plan but I preferred to do something else.

I decided to look at small shops around that place. An artificial flowers shop (which made me think that every flower-shop owner is gentle and loving. Maybe I was wrong, but that was the impression that I got.), a shop that sold cute little things girls usually love (you know, like Naughty or Cindy/Yayang), a kiosk that sold pretty boxes in every size and colours, and a book store that gave discount for every item it sold.

When I finally got bored, I went to the food court and ordered some pempek lenjer and a glass of tea. I was surprised to see the pempek. It was cut into very thin slices which were so hard to chew. The noodle was very, very thin also. And it tasted just like plastic. And was hard to chew, too. When you’ve had a chance to eat the real pempek from Palembang, you surely won’t be satisfied with the ones people make in Java.

As I sat there, sipping my tea, I looked around and thought of how that place was full of artificial things. From the leaves hung from the ceiling to the tree in the middle of the room. From the things that looked good from afar to this dish before me… And even what was on teve (you know, Indonesian soap opera with its fake, hyperbolic expressions and dialogues). Well, it was clean, at least. And complete enough, actually.

Not so long after that, my sister came. We went to Century and bought some girly stuffs like facial foam, shower gel… Those things, you know… By the way, I really like the new package of Ponds facial foams. I like its smallest size, so slim you can carry it anywhere you want! Really fits traveler girls’s need. And there, I found my favorite shower gel, the red Palmolive shower gel. I simply love the sweet smell of it ^^

Okay, again I’m that crazy shopaholic *sigh*

And then, we came back to that artificial flower shop. The owner wasn’t there, maybe she was doing Isya’ prayer. The flowers were arranged so beautifully that I kept on saying, ‘Look at that!” and “Ooh!” and “How pretty!” and things like that. But suddenly my sister said, “You’d like what’s on the owner’s desk better than all of these flowers.”

I turned around and there, laying gracefully on the wooden table, was a copy of Edensor.

Beautiful! ^^

After that, we went downstairs. We looked at hundred pairs of shoes there and tried some. Well, some of them were really cute, yet too small.

We were going to get home when we passed an instant karaoke box. “Hey, wanna give it a try?” I asked my sister (why I am always the one with such nutty idea? ^^; ).

“No! Can’t you hear that? Everybody will be able to hear your voice!” answered my sensible sister.

There were two booths there. One of them was like a music box, actually. There was a dangdut music played loudly from inside of it and you could hear the song clearly enough. But that just made me even more curious.

“Ah, come on, just try it, just try it,” I insisted.

That time, there was this couple who got into the other booth and sang. And we couldn’t hear their voice, just the melody faintly. So, it seemed to be safe. And it was cheap (two thousand and five hundred rupiahs per song). And there were hundreds of songs to pick, even Korean songs in Korean letters that I couldn’t read at all.

The next thing I knew, we were picking the song we wanted to sing from the super thick list (I couldn’t stop giggling ^^; ! That’s my habit… When I get too scared or nervous, sometimes I will giggle almost hysterically.).

The instant karaoke box was really a box, with a television on one side, chair on the opposite side, the door, and another side where the mic was hung. On the ceiling, there was a disco lamp with the colourful lights and starry shapes around the surface. And the walls were all painted blue. The impression it gave was like you were in a large, blue bajaj ^^;

But all those bad impressions were pushed aside when the music began to flow. The sound quality wasn’t bad at all. I can even say that it was just the same with the one in Jogja (what’s the name, Dyra? Happy puppy? No… Ah, I totally forgot ^^p M Studio? Whatever.)

My sister chose ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. I don’t know but we sang differently, maybe because I had listened to Utada Hikaru’s version more often than Sinatra’s. And we laughed when we found out that it gave us the score. We got 74 😆 !

And me, I picked my favorite song: All My Life. It’s an old song. I knew it was romantic, but when I sang the whole part of it, oh no… It was just too lovely! I always adore songs that bring together love and struggles for life! And this one’s definitely one of them!

So, the conclusion is: instant karaoke box isn’t that bad. It can be fun. Because it makes you laugh with it’s everything ^^ So, two songs weren’t enough, guys!!

As we flipped through the pages, looking for songs we were going to sing again, the assistant told us that we could only pick one song because they were going to close. So, as final performance *haiyah* we chose Vertical Horizon’s Everything You Want (which drifted my mind to him… I couldn’t help thinking that the song might represent Zakiah Nurmala’s feeling for Arai. How sad!)

Now, writing this, I’m glad that I tried the instant karaoke box. It fulfilled my need to sing *aiya, like it’s my calling or something! ^^; *, it made me laugh, and it gave me something to write here 😀 (not to mention the spirit of Arai it reminded me, ha ha ha..) Today’s lesson is… Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know what good things it will bring your way 😉


12 thoughts on “GIRLS’ TIME OFF!

  1. aw aw..

    fly me to the moon
    and let me play among the stars
    let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars
    in other words, hold my hand
    in other words, darling, kiss me!

    yeaahh yeaah.. just fly me to the moooonnnn..

    *astagah, malah nyanyi*

    maap jeng, sayah tergilahgilah dengan lagu ini
    *wink* 😉

    today’s lesson nya, setujuh.. tapi teteup, tidak dengan instant karaoke box di mall atopun tempat keramaian, just no, hell no, no thanks ^___^

  2. That’s a very, very nice song, indeed 😉
    Enak pula menyanyikannya.

    Hahaha, saya juga akan mengatakan kalimat yang sama seandainya tadi malam tidak mencoba itu. Mungkin saya memang memiliki ketertarikan pada hal yang aneh-aneh ^^; Positive words: have curiosity. Negative words: nekad, mungkin ya 😆

  3. i once tried it with Sekar. we sang Lifehouse “You and Me” 😉 we thought both of us were crazy for singing there, but then heyy… you’re too, haha

    well, it’s always that fun, try something new 😀

    btw, it’s called NAV family karaoke.

    kapan kesana lagi? 😆

  4. I LOVE that song, you know! I almost chose that one, too!

    Yeah, that was a crazy idea, actually. But the fact that you did the same thing relieves me hahaha 😆 What’s left in the Ya-yas, if not some kind of fun craziness 😀

    NAV? My guess wasn’t even close 😆

    Kapan ke sana lagi? ‘All you have to do is call my name, hunny 😀 ! ‘

  5. haha, super!!

    “all you have to do is call my name”

    i’ve just finished it’s 2nd season *telat bgt :)*

    my cousin recommended One Tree Hill *she loves Chad-Michael a lot!!*

    ni kok jadi ngobrol, aduh kangen ngobrolin serial tipi, hwekekekek

    ntr kalo pulangnya pas barengan, kita ke NAV lagi. yuuk…

  6. Dyra:
    Ooh, Chad Michael Murray… 😳 😳

    I like him soo much, especially when he played the lovable Tristan du Gray.. Episode favoritku di Gilmore Girls ya waktu dia bertengkar sama Dean (“You don’t wanna fight me, Tristan,” said Dean. “Why not?” “Because I can kill you, idiot!”) sama Shakespeare… Waktu dia harus pergi ke military academy…

    Diah mau diajak ke NAV? Ayo ikut, biar rame 😉
    JACC lagi? ^^ Boleh, boleh.
    Ke mana pun, asal rame-rame tuh selalu fun, ya. *Kok jadi gini? Pantes terakhir kalinya aku tes personality lagi, hasilnya ganti jadi ENTJ 😆 *

  7. yaah kok di-skip? ^^;


    Alhamdulillah kabar baik, mas zam 😀

    Njenengan sendiri gimana, kabarnya habis ngubek-ubek pasar ya, waktu ujan-ujan pula?

  8. ^^ somehow I feel that y’all like crazy things like this. Thanks for favorited it, Naddy :*

    hehe, five most favorite foods? boleh.. 😀 opo yo… akeh je..

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