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Few days ago, I stayed a bit longer in my office, and I happened to took some personality test here .

Above, is the result. My expressions were: “What?? A hundred percent verbal/linguistic?? :DD…” I knew I always love words, sentences, and sometimes pay too detailed attentions to them, but A HUNDRED PERCENT?? Berlebihan, hahaha..

Yea, yea.. I know I am illogical more often than I mean to 🙂 (which is very conflicting with the result of my palm-reading. My head lines doesn’t slope slightly, it is almost perfectly straight, and they say it means I’m a practical, realistic person. If your head line (the line in the middle of three lines on your palm) slopes slightly, it means you’re a creative and imaginative. Hayo, which one is right, then? ^^; )

Anywaay… Do you wonder why I suddenly talk about these palm readings? Maybe next time I’ll write about dreams and horoscopes… all these non-sense 🙂 It’s a result of my conversation class! We often discuss about these things there and every Saturday afternoon, I would come back with a new ability of reading palms and interpreting dreams and knowing people from their horoscopes (which made my sister say, “What’s that, a conversation class or a branch of Trelawney’s??”) :)..

Not that I don’t enjoy it. It’s a very fun class, with very kind, funny, and ‘deep-thoughts’ people.

Now, a discussion of horoscope a few weeks ago had led to this conversation:

Danny: Chang’e, you’re a Virgo, right?

Me: Uh-huh.

Danny: So, have you ever had a relationship with a Gemini?

Me: Yes, I have. Why?

Danny: So it must be a bad relationship, am I right?

Me: *laughing* No, it goes well, very well, actually.

Danny: Really?

Me: Yeah. Maybe because she’s she. I’m talking about my bestfriend, you know… I never have any relationship with a Gemini *smiling*

Danny: Oh.. Because in my office, there was a survey that resulted in this conclusion…

Me: What is it?

Danny: Any Gemini-Virgo relationship can only be described in three words: long, deep, and painful!

Both: *laughing*

Me: No, no, I never have such relationship… 🙂

Maybe we’d better refer to people’s personality types when it comes to things like this 🙂 And it’s just amazing how different personalities can match very well. It’s like yin and yang, completing each other. What I mean is.. when you’re a judging person, you’ll be a good friend for a perceiving person. Introvert for extrovert, such things, you know..

Rite then, why not trying to take the test? It’s interesting, really.

Okay.. gotta go. Chicken’s waiting. I’m already sooo hungry! 🙂

Glad that I can write something today. I thought I would only write these lines below today.

Kebahagiaannya terletak pada membahagiakan orang lain.

When it comes to his own problems, he’s silent.

And he never speaks of his plans, not until they’re realised…

That book really gives me good influence 🙂

I still want to write them here, though 😉

Bye, have a nice day, everyone!



8 thoughts on “THOSE SILLY HOROSCOPES.. :)

  1. sandymc says:

    haha.. i’m not totally into palm-reading or horoscopes or shios or whatever that are illogical in any way 🙂 (Although i still really wish i could have invisibility skill ).. but sometimes they give good motivation too..

    tell you what.. my personality test was a total opposite of yours.. but we can still be good friend anw :D.

    hehe met kenal..

  2. Hihihi, those silly horoscopes, eh, illogical things emang asyik buat lucu-lucuan aja 😛

    Total opposite of mine?? Wow, interesting! They say people with different personalities can get along well. Let’s hope so 🙂

    Met kenal juga, Sandy. Nice to meet you :)..

  3. @ diah: HEBAT! Padahal jumlah INFJ di dunia ini cuma sekitar 1 %. Subhanallah banget bisa menemukan salah satunya secepat ini, and it’s YOU!

    Hihihi, saya kok jadi kaya vampir atau werewolf yang nyari klan-nya aja 😛

    Btw, nothing’s worst about it, angka-angka itu membuat semuanya seimbang lho 😉

    @ nadya: ^^
    Pantesan yo Nad, selama ini diksi itu penting banget buat aku, 😆

    Interpersonal-nya ketinggalan, ya? Wah gimaana nih site penyelenggara tesnya ^^; hehehe..

    Nadya tipe apa?

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