no title :p

It’s amazing, how a simple thing like taking a different route to work can bring you good mood that lasts all day long (at least, until now πŸ™‚ ). I thought that Pasar Baru was far enough from my office, but no, it actually isn’t. It’s near, besides, the scenery along the street is beautiful. I just like it.

By the way.. few months ago Diandra and I discussed something about spirulina. And today, I found an article that explains about spirulina smoothies. God, they look so green, so flavorsome… Too bad I don’t understand the language (the article’s in… what is it? Swedish? I don’t even know what language it is ^^; )

And today I read Dina’s blog after quite a long time. I just love, love, love her writing. Here are my favorite lines from her latest entry.

ada baiknya kita tidak hanya melakukan ritual dan janji, tapi juga mengidentikkan seseorang atau sesuatu yang kita sayangi dengan hal lainnya.


Maka ketika aku melihat ladang ilalang itu, atau sawah yang berkabut itu, atau langit yang cerah namun sepi itu, atau pepohonan yang menengadah ke langit itu, atau segala sesuatu yang bergerak lambat di luar jendela itu, aku melihat berjuta dirimu di sana. Dan aku tidak kesepian lagi.

But the most favorite is the last sentence :)) *of course, lah~*

Rite, then. If I never see you even just for once, will I still be able to see your presence in the language I learned, in the names of places you’ve been, in every drop of morning dew, in every leaf that falls, in everything that’s so you?

Maybe I will…

Lovely cute Comments

Ah, I got so melancholic! ^ ^ Why I always get so mellow when it comes to him ? (I’m not talking about Msr Hirata, by the way ;p… ) God, I live up, up there, not here ^^;;

Anyway… Last Saturday night was a very precious day I would never forget in my life. For everything, Padfoot, I deeply thank you. Especially for being a best friend I can always count on.


4 thoughts on “no title :p

  1. chang'e says:

    wah, berhasil yo akhire?
    alhamdulillah, nad.. πŸ™‚
    sayangnya belum bisa dibuka.. Insya Allah besok aku tengok ya.. ketoke kamu dah kerja keras for it… πŸ™‚ Congrats yaa..

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