Say It. Just say it. Out loud.

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‘you never knew how much it hurts, I really need to tell you.’

– the Calling, Adrienne

Last night, I learned how to express my feeling. How to say what I truly feel, and be brave for whatever consequences it may bring.

I’m tired to pretend that everything’s okay. He is a good friend, but still, there are many things about him that really disappointing. I can’t accept the concept that men are too idiot that they are unable to understand women’s implicit language as a justification for his insensitivity.  Doesn’t he have a heart?

I thought, and was afraid, that I would be sad today. But quite the contrary, what’s left now is a feeling of relief. Aku merasa… lega. Ya, ada kekosongan yang melegakan. Maybe because I have said what I should have said from so long ago. It feels like a burden in my heart has been lifted.

Maybe he will hate me. Maybe I will lose a friend (kapan sih, nggak? 😦  *sigh* ) But the price you have to pay for a freedom of speech, for integrity, is expensive. Very expensive, sometimes.

If you’re being hurt, don’t keep silent. You have the power to stop it. Be brave to speak up your mind.


5 thoughts on “Say It. Just say it. Out loud.

  1. chang'e says:

    ^ ^

    yes… saying, “I hate you” is never easy.

    but well, let’s just face it. aku sendiri enggan mengingat-ingat lagi.

  2. Sepakat sama Nadya..

    “……Maybe I will lose a friend (kapan sih, nggak? 😦 *sigh* )….”
    uhuk… kadang aku juga merasa gitu T_T

  3. chang'e says:

    4 diah:

    4 dyra:
    ^^ comment-nya, it’s so you. Saia jadi inget sms dy yang dulu, yang dikutip dari kata-katanya adhent: “Pake logika!”
    dy selalu memberi kesan ‘tough’ dan gahar, ya, somehow itu menguatkan saia juga. senangnya 🙂

    4 diah (lagi):
    jeng, blog njenengan dereng pun-apdhet? ;p

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