today’s little sweetness

Happy New Year Comments

for no reason, i just like the color blue.

the only color I’d use is blue, why am I always chasing the rainbow?

tuh kan, jadi inget lagi… 😦

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lagi-lagi, pic aneh.

But I think this one represents my experiences today.

I dreamed of something related with ninjas. I dreamed I went there… Studied there.. How nice it’d be, if only it was true. I never even thought about that before…

And today, we learned about shipwrecks, Tang Cargo, sunken treasures… Of course that reminded you of treasure hunters and pirates..

Oh, by the way, once our parents bought us t-shirts with a picture of cartoon pirate on it. The pictures were just so ‘asal-asalan’ that my little brother named his favorite t-shirt ‘mbal-abadul (mbul-ah-bad-dool)’ We simply love those Nevada t-shirts (maybe you have it, too! πŸ™‚ )…

Ah, that reminds me of my brother. He had a fever when I left him for this town. He fell asleep with Raymond Murphy’s book Essential Grammar for Use that I had bought him beside him. That made me happy, having bought that book for him… And that time, he let me kissed his cheek, which he never, ever does when he’s awake. πŸ™‚

I hope he’s okay now.

btw, do you know that

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can make your head dizzy every time you rise from your chair?

They said that maybe I’ve got low blood pressure. I never realize this, because I believe my blood pressure is normal. I wish I had sphygmomamometer and that thing with mercury in it so I could check my blood pressure. And back in high school, biology labs were always fun when it came to blood things :p

Okay… gotta go…

I’ve been wanting to say this…
if this big city is a little bottle of bitter pills, you are a piece of sugar cube I find in the middle of it.
You make this reality a little bit sweet. ^^


4 thoughts on “today’s little sweetness

  1. chang'e says:

    ^^ merci, Nadya…

    hehe.. aku dan duan, adikku itu… kalau di telepon selalu speechless, nggak tahu mau bicara apa

    liburan yang singkat kemarin membuatku sadar betapa aku sering melupakannya =(

    and that’s the reason why I put him on my featured friends on friendster. maybe people think that he’s my boyfriend :D… No, he’s simply my beloved, often forgotten little brother.

    aah~ miss him so.. kangen ngejahilin dia, hehehehe πŸ˜€

  2. oh, panggilannya duan, pardon πŸ™‚ di keluargamu tuh namanya bagus2 ya? your little precious brother, you love him don’t forget him okay my dear?

    love love love πŸ˜€

  3. chang'e says:

    masa’ sih? bukannya di tempat nadya juga bagus-bagus? namamu bagus, lho nadya πŸ˜‰ sama siapa itu, ruzan, ya? yang panggilannya ruje? I like it so! saya malah kepingin nama depan saya diganti nama belakang bapak saya aja, hahaha ^^

    thanks, anyway πŸ™‚

    Oui, oui, je promse… ^^

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