i’m in blue…

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She: Have you got dee’s message? He’s going to Himalaya soon. Ok, first ****, now him. Who’s next? Who else got the plan to leave me…

Me: Not me ^^


Ah, Cicik, I surely will miss you sooo… much! Why Himalaya? Why not somewhere nearer, like Sheffield, or London, maybe? *Himalaya itu lebih deket dari Inggris, dudul! Bukannya baru kemarin kau memandangi rute silk road dan jatuh hati pada Xinjiang Uygur??*


Soon. Now, the question is, how soon is soon? Tomorrow, next month, this September? Ah, baby, that would be an autumn goodbye, then. She hasn’t even got the chance to meet you!

By the way, I just listened to the songs that are so you. From Just My Imagination, Katie Melua’s Just Like Heaven, to Chasing the Rainbow. And that made me feel a little bit sad.

Cicik, you did bring the sunshine, did you know?


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